• Meet the Family

    At Elemental Concept, we don’t just hire on the basis of skills; attitude is just as important. As a result we have a team of highly capable, driven and passionate technology and business experts that are all striving to deliver creative solutions to solve problems.

  • Marco Brugnoli

    Marco Brugnoli

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Fadh Akbar

    Fahd Akbar

    Software Engineer

  • Aleksandr Ivanov

    Aleksandr Ivanov

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Bishesh Adhikari

    Bishesh Adhikari

    Software Engineer

  • Ilya Skliarov

    Ilya Skliarov

    Software Engineer

  • Roisin O'Toole

    Roisin O'Toole

    Senior UX/UI Designer

  • Romain Mascia

    Romain Mascia

    UX/UI Designer

  • Chrysa Kirmitsaki

    Chrysa Kirmitsaki

    UX/UI Designer

  • Laszlo Szoboszlai

    Laszlo Szoboszlai

    Software Engineer

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    We encourage enterprising individuals keen to gain experience to join us in Elemental Concept. We tailor your time with us to give you meaningful real world experience, while seeing a dynamic team in full work flow.

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    We are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team.

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  • The founders

    We created Elemental Concept on the foundation of years of experience in different disciplines. Our founders combined skills give us an edge in business transformation, pushing innovation and engaging with both client and users to create the best solutions and products.

  • Bimal Shah

    I like to think of myself as a business builder. In my career, I’ve had the privilege to work for a number of great companies, ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Start-ups and business transformations are my passion – my experience in this realm has seen me advising, investing in and running new ventures, leading large transactions and bringing existing companies into the digital world by creating new solutions with technology.

    Whether it has been investing money, raising money or changing a market place, I have been lucky enough to work with great people and in dynamic teams. We have had the conviction and courage to do things differently and technology has been a huge enabler to making us succeed.

    Bimal Shah

  • Phil Jacobs

    A Senior Technology Executive with PhD in mathematical modelling. I started in the investment banking industry. From there, I built up an IT department from 0 to 50 staff to transform a sports betting consultancy. Over 10 years, I created an agile, adaptable team with skill-sets in software development, infrastructure, business intelligence and operational support. I continued to do this at Leo Tech, where we worked with start-ups and multi-nationals to help test new business models, build software and transform their organisations with digital solutions.

    I believe the best results are achieved with good dialogue, transparency and candour. My teams live lean and are constantly adapting to evolving technologies.

    Phil Jacobs

  • Anna Wright

    A senior executive with a psychology degree and masters in personnel and development. I have spent over 15 years designing and implementing people solutions. My key focus has always been to work closely with the business to drive business performance, recognising the importance of creating an environment that encourages engagement, optimises individual performance and most importantly, is based on trust. Initially working in the media and oil and gas industries, I moved to the technology industry 8 years ago. Since then, I've worked in a global remit, guiding organisations through growth (organic and through acquisition) and organisation change with the associated recruitment, engagement and harmonisation programmes.

    Most recently, I was part of the founding team establishing the London arm of Leo Tech, building a team of over 40 in one year.

    Anna Wright

  • Marc Jewitt

    After qualifying at a medium sized practice located in the City, my first career move was into the world of MNCs where I joined one of the UKs most respected chemicals companies. Here I developed a broad range of skills and experience as an internal auditor before moving to a senior finance and control position within one of the operating divisions. More recently, I have applied my knowledge of big business finance as an internal consultant to a fast growing multiple entity SME, managing a multi-year project to overhaul and develop its internal financial reporting process.

    I first entered the technology industry as a senior member of a management team that grew a single office business with a headcount of 50 to multi-site international business spread across three locations, bridging Europe and South East Asia.

    Marc Jewitt

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  • Our Experience

  • Healthcare icon


    • Hybrid Hyperledger and Blockchain database for patient medical records

    • Mobile application for healthcare management

    • Mobile application for lifestyle and activity tracking

  • Insurance icon


    • Interactive search engines for the insurance industry

    • End-to-end online insurance claim management for the motor insurance industry

    • CMS system for motor insurance industry

    • Consumer driven health insurance platform

  • Financial Markets icon

    Financial Markets

    • FX trading applications for Facebook with real-time data visualisation

    • Algorithmic, high performance software analysing investment fund performance

    • Enterprise on-line equities, fixed income and FX trading management, both front and back office (desktop and mobile)

    • Enterprise market monitoring and real-time alerting

  • Marketing and advertising icon

    Marketing and Advertising

    • Back Office Web app for multi-level marketing structure management

    • Advertising campaign management platforms

  • Sports betting icon

    Sport Betting and Gaming

    • Robotic trading system

    • Bet Placement API, integrated with an external bet provider

    • Promotions-related e-wallet integrated with gaming websites and third-party e-wallets

  • Science icon


    • Scientific data validation and processing engine for Central European Authority member countries